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"As a customer, we have been very satisfied with Custom Vac's service for the past 8 years or so. We have found their service excellent and staff very friendly and accomodating. We would highly recommend this company to anyone."
Jim and Dorothy Anderson

All those old out-of-service mercury-containing thermostats are being taken back through the Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC). This company will efficiently recover the mercury from all those out-of-service thermostats.

With the proper thermostat, your home can be warm and comfortableThere are five considerations that a homeowner or building owner needs to consider in order to achieve a home comfort system that provides "comfortable living at its best:"

  • Temperature control

  • Balanced air distribution

  • Indoor air quality (IAQ)

  • Humidity Control

  • Energy Efficiency

Comfort means more than maintaining the right temperature but it doesn't have to mean higher energy costs. In fact, with a "Perfect Climate" system installed you can actually improve your family's health and well being, cut energy bills and save wear and tear on your heating and cooling equipment.

Throughout this website we will be explaining all of the factors that affect your indoor environment.

Custom Vac - Heating - Cooling - Air Quality Control - Duct Cleaning - Systems Analysis,  Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1970.Heating & CoolingComfortable Temperatures

Maintaining the right indoor temperature is basic to comfortable living. A quality programmable thermostat provides a high degree of accuracy and consistent comfort. That's important because temperature swings of as little as one degree Celsius can make your home noticeably uncomfortable.

Programmable thermostats allow you to easily customize temperatures according to your daily activities and home occupancy schedule. A programmable thermostat can "remember" to adjust the heating or cooling setting when you are scheduled to leave home and upon your return. It can make you more comfortable and reduce your energy bill by as much as 23%.

Before You Buy "Any" Thermostat

There are many different considerations to take into account when purchasing a programmable thermostat such as:

  • Did you know that some thermostats use battery power? A good quality programmable thermostat will use power from the furnace not requiring battery back up. So, in the event of power failure the set points will not be lost.

  • 5 – 2 day, 5 – 1 – 1 day, or the ultimate: 7 day; each day separate Monday to Sunday with various numbers of setbacks and times to suit your schedule. Be certain that the one you select matches your equipment requirements and family’s needs.

  • Can be set to display either Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees.

  • Many can be set to provide automatic, continuous or circulation blower operation settings. In automatic the blower will operate as required by the appliance. When set on continuous it will operate the blower 100% of the time at the appliances selected speed.  Finally if set in the circulation mode the blower will operate only 35% of the time at the time at the appliances selected speed. This mode saves energy while still providing a higher level of air filtration.

  • Temperature overrides and various hold feature. These are great when there are different people coming and going, as well during holidays or periods of illness. Some models also provide for a hold feature that can be set for a set number of days and then return to normal operation. This is very popular for vacationers.

  • Heating, cooling and auto changeover system position settings offer the best in comfort control. When placed in the auto position the air conditioning or heating appliance will operate without you having to manually change anything. (A great feature for extended spring and fall temperatures)

  • Built in time delays to protect and prevent possible damage due to accidental rapid cycling of the air conditioning compressor by the thermostat. This is caused by very short power interruptions. The time delay allows enough time for the power levels to be restored allowing time for the system to stabilize.

  • One of the best features available today is the "Adaptive Intelligent Recovery" (AIR), a Honeywell trademark. Whether it takes 20 minutes on a mild spring day, or an hour on a cold winter's morning, the thermostat will determine the time to maximize efficient use of the energy source. Further, each day it monitors its performance and adjusts itself.

  • Warranty? Who will handle a warranty in the event of a thermostat problem at -25C and 2:30 AM?

  • The new thermostats are so much better for the environment as compared to the mercury containing ones. Even if you decide not to install programmable ask for MERCURY FREE.

DID YOU KNOW? Thermostats not only have gone wireless… they have gone to the Internet with i-Phone applications.

Thermostats have shifted to wireless technology that offers many benefits. The hand held Personal Comfort Control (PCC) offers people with mobility issues or those who want to control a certain temperature in the room they are in as opposed to the temperature at the wall mounted thermostat or those persons who in the past had to rely on others to make changes for them. Many people would also like to know what the outdoor humidity and temperature are to be able to take advantage of “free” cooling without adding moisture load to the home.
Custom Vac - Heating - Cooling - Air Quality Control - Duct Cleaning - Systems Analysis,  Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1970.Heating & Cooling
Equally, almost as fast as the new generation of wireless thermostats arrived, ecobee launched its wireless Internet thermostat. Custom Vac is at the forefront of this next generation that will once again revolutionize the HVACR Industry.

There are so many different manufacturers of thermostats the choice is limitless: sizes, shapes, colors, etc. The best advice we can offer is be careful in your selection. Many manufacturers have come and gone, and many quite simply are just too low a quality that comfort is never achieved. In fact, all too often the result is a costly after-hours emergency service call to replace one of these low priced thermostats.

If you are unsure of how to properly program or use your thermostat, don’t hesitate to ask Custom Vac for assistance because at the cost of energy, you can’t afford not to use it.

Meeting the Needs for Accessibility

Know of someone who is physically challenged?  Honeywell makes thermostats that offer users the freedom to control their own indoor environment. Custom Vac has installed these for several of these for our customers and has found it has made a big difference in users being able to maintain their independence.

If you would like to calculate your savings realized by installing a setback thermostat or learn more about how to reduce your overall energy use in your home use the Honeywell hyperlink that we have provided or use the e-mail icon to contact the professionals at Custom Vac who can assist you.

Custom Vac - Heating - Cooling - Air Quality Control - Duct Cleaning - Systems Analysis,  Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1970.Honeywell   Honeywell
Custom Vac - Heating - Cooling - Air Quality Control - Duct Cleaning - Systems Analysis,  Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1970.Honeywell   Ecobee


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