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Maintaining proper humidity levels protects your family's health as well as your home's structure and furnishings.

Low humidity (below 20% RH), predominant during the colder winter months, causes skin, throats and nasal passages to be dry, making you more susceptible to respiratory ailments and aggravating allergies and asthma. When woodwork dries out it shrinks. If you've ever been "zapped" after walking on carpet and touching your TV, stereo or a metal doorknob, you can blame low humidity.

Fact - A 10% change in relative humidity is roughly the equivalent to a 1-degree F. change in temperature.

Fact - Phneumococcus, staphylococcus, and streptococcus germs die up to 20 times faster at relative humidities between 45% and 55% RH, than above 70% or below 20% RH.

Maintaining Proper Humidity protects you againsts respiratory ailmentsHigh humidity is just as harmful, causing damaging condensation to form on windows and frames and encouraging the growth of mould and mildew. High humidity is often associated with those "muggy" summer months but can also be the result of activities such as cooking, bathing, and laundering. With proper humidity control, you can stay comfortable at more energy-efficient temperatures, saving energy dollars and protecting your health and home at the same time. Doctors contend that mid-range humidity of 35% to 50% RH reduces susceptibility to colds and other respiratory disorders because moist nasal passages and throats are more resistant to the causes of respiratory problems. In addition, humidity levels above 40% RH, dust particulate tend to settle out of the air more quickly, making the air easier to breathe.

Fact - At -33C (-27F) design temperature for Manitoba, a fan or air intake exchanging 150 CFM will change the air in an 1100 sq. ft home once in 2 hours. This is capable of removing about 5 gallons of water, exceeding the production in most homes by plants, bathing, laundry, etc.

Fact - Even in a new home with a mechanical ventilation system, a humidifier may be necessary in order to maintain the proper humidity levels at the proper air exchange rate required.

There are many different types of humidifiers:

  • Pan type

  • Atomizing

  • Wetted Element (bypass/drum)

  • Steam (very large residential homes and commercial buildings)

  • Infrared (primarily commercial buildings)

Custom Vac - Heating - Cooling - Air Quality Control - Duct Cleaning - Systems Analysis,  Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1970.Heating & CoolingThe pan, atomizing and wetted element are three types that are predominately used in the residential marketplace. Each of these may have drawbacks specific to the type of unit. The atomizing unit disperses a fine mist of water directly into the ducted system. This type of system creates IAQ problems with mould, slime, scaling in the ductwork and fine mineral deposits throughout the home on furnishings. The pan type is simply a pan or tray filled with water. A media is inserted to draw water from the water pan; air passes over the media and evaporates the water (not very common today; there is no way of controlling the actual rate of moisture into the home).

The wetted element humidifiers are the most common but there are also a variety of choices. Some have a constant flow of water directed over an element; air is passed over the element evaporating the water (not all of the water is evaporated, so a drain is provided and excess water drained away). This type is becoming less popular due to high-energy costs and water consumption. The "drum" type has had its own problems with cleaning and maintenance issues. However, advancements in technology have brought new products to the market place.

Automatic Humidity Controls

Custom Vac - Heating - Cooling - Air Quality Control - Duct Cleaning - Systems Analysis,  Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1970.Emergency Service/Customer ServiceAccording to Custom Vac humidistat controllers have not performed entirely well, not because they are poorly manufactured, but rather where they are installed. If on the furnace ductwork residual heat in the heat exchanger can often back up through the return air duct or in the case of an outdoor air duct installed in the return, the cold dry air can produce the reverse effect. If the control is installed in the home, source of local moisture will not be able to offer an average humidity level and therefore the settings may or may not be accurate. Each homes system is different and the location of the control essential to proper operation.

Advances in control technology has brought us the outdoor temperature compensated humidistat. It automatically adjusts to changing outdoor temperatures and is your assurance of always receiving the proper humidity according to outside conditions, whether you are at home or away.

Sizing of humidifiers

In order for a humidifier to properly service a given area, there are several factors, which must be considered:

  • Area, in cubic feet, to be humidified. (Don't forget heated basements, crawl spaces, and garages).

  • Construction of building (single or double-glazed windows, storm door and windows, fireplaces, quality of installation).

  • Level of relative humidity to be maintained.

Whatever humidifier you select to meet your needs, it must be regularly maintained and serviced to perform properly. We have posted an outdoor-indoor relative humidity chart to demonstrate the indoor/outdoor humidity relationship and its effects on your comfort and health.

Cleaning of humidifiers

The dreaded humidifier cleaning, no one wants the task yet in order to provide the home with proper moisture levels monthly cleaning during the winter months is essential. Some humidifiers now provide for an auto-flush kit that will dump the stale water after every so many hours reducing the amount of build-up of particulate matter achieving a higher level of indoor air quality and comfort. For those humidifiers that do not have auto-flush kits homeowners should be using a good quality water conditioner coupled with regular a cleaning.

Outdoor-Indoor Relative Humidity Conversion Chart

Some of the manufactures will provide simplified sizing on-line. Book an in-home consultation and let Custom Vac provide you with the proper humidification you need.

Custom Vac - Heating - Cooling - Air Quality Control - Duct Cleaning - Systems Analysis,  Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1970.Honeywell   Honeywell
Custom Vac - Heating - Cooling - Air Quality Control - Duct Cleaning - Systems Analysis,  Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1970.Desert Spring Products   Desert Spring Products


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