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Duct Cleaning -Your First Step in Improving Air Quality

Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of forced air distribution systems, including the supply and return air ducts, registers, grilles, heat exchangers, heating and cooling coils, fan motor and fan housing. These components may become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen and other debris. If moisture is present, the potential for mold is increased and the spores from this growth may be released into the home's living space. Some of these contaminants may cause allergic reactions or other symptoms.

Indoor Air Pollution Is An Issue Of Growing Concern

Although we spend hours keeping our homes vacuumed and dusted, we may be still surrounded by a system that is contaminated with dust, dirt, bacteria and mites. Your system can only begin to improve air quality through proper cleaning and maintenance.

You Can Feel Totally Confident When You Call Custom Vac

Your furnace chimney, venting, blower, air filters, burners, humidifier and air conditioning coil are cleaned as part of the service. Custom Vac will oil your blower motor and check the blower for wear or breakage of the bearings, pulleys and belt as well as inspect the condition of the heat exchanger. Any, and all items requiring attention will be noted on the work order. A complete cleaning will take approximately 2 hours on an average sized home and will generally improve the quality of the air, air circulation and often reduce heating and cooling energy bills.

Q. Did you know that each year clothes dryers Dryer safety means cleaning your dryer ducts - Custom Vac provides a full range of heating and air conditioning services, water tank sales, and 24 hour emergency service.cause about 13,000 household fires?

It's true.

(Source Good Housekeeping June 1997)

Custom Vac can, for a very modest fee, clean your dryer vent at the same time that we are cleaning your ductwork. We also can install CSA approved flexible dryer venting or rigid metal piping.

Our cleaning will include:

  • Moving the dryer and vacuuming the lint collected in and underneath it.

  • Disconnect and vacuum the venting (piping).

  • Making recommendations regarding the venting (is it too long, poorly routed, etc.)

  • Make sure the outside vents are not damaged, obstructed or blocked with trees, shrubs, etc.


Be Sure That The Service Provider You Choose

  • Custom Vac - Heating - Cooling - Air Quality Control - Duct Cleaning - Systems Analysis,  Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1970.Emergency Service/Customer serviceUses the correct vacuum equipment (portable or truck mounted) for your home (not all homes can be properly cleaned using portables).

  • If you or a member of your family have severe respiratory problems, make certain that you ask for a truck-mounted vacuum so that all particles are exhausted out of the home. In most cases where applicable (small homes) the portable vacuum works well and does an excellent job.

  • Includes brushing services in the basic package (no added costs) to dislodge dust, debris and other particles.

  • Is a member of the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI).

  • Is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

  • Carries $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance, pays workers compensation, has well identified vehicles, and is bonded.

  • If in doubt, ask for referrals of customers who have had the same service provided (a good company will be willing to offer names).

  • Provides 24-hour emergency service.

  • Is capable of making repairs or alterations in addition to having the Licensed or Certified staff available to meet all of your HVACR needs.

Beware of those companies who make sweeping statements about the health benefits of duct cleaning. Duct cleaning is only one step in the process towards improving indoor air quality. Custom Vac has knowledgeable staff eager to work with you and to outline the various alternatives and solutions available to improve the overall indoor air quality in your home.

How often should the ductwork and appliances be cleaned?

We recommend cleaning of the ductwork every three y

ears. Frequency however depends upon the location of your home (busy street or quiet neighbourhood tucked away), whether you have central air conditioning and how effective your air filtration system is (standard air filters 3-6 %, an electronic air cleaner 90 %, and HEPA 99.97%). The furnace, regardless of its energy source, should be inspected and cleaned each year to ensure clean, safe, efficient, reliable operation and if anything requires attention, repairs or alterations can be done now instead of at 1:30 AM.

We Have Done Our Homework And Will Continue To Keep Up On The Latest Technology.

Custom Vac - Heating - Cooling - Air Quality Control - Duct Cleaning - Systems Analysis,  Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1970.Custom Vac

We have been following with keen interest the use of biocides and various sealant applications, used to coat metal surfaces to encapsulate dirt, kill bacteria, etc. To date the use of chemicals (and there are many) have not and are not approved for use in ducted systems. In fact, in our opinion, many customers whose homes we clean already have family members who are hypersensitive to chemicals. The introduction of anything foreign may simply aggravate an already compromised respiratory condition.

The only way to truly have an impact and create a cleaner healthier duct system is by first removing as much as possible of the dirt, dust and debris, the food source of the micro organisms, install a higher efficiency air filter and consider the installation of a UVC Ultra Violet light(s) that will kill airborne bacteria or surface mould inside the ducts. The air filter will trap a greater amount of the dirt, dust and debris and the UVC light depending on the number of bulbs in the unit and where it is installed will destroy anywhere from 70% to 87% of the airborne bacteria and 99.9% of all mould on a cooling coil. So, forget the potential for harmful chemicals and cleaning detergents, install a UVC light today.

Custom Vac's position on biocides and sealant use (chemicals) within ducted systems is, "We will not consider use of any chemicals that have not been recognized, approved and regulated by Government. Further, Custom Vac will not subject its technicians to potential hazards of these chemicals until they can be proven safe for use in HVACR equipment and components."

Custom Vac's portable duct cleaning unit is designed to exclusively serve small residential homes with less than 10 registers and/or grilles. These systems are typically found in condominiums, high rise apartments and office buildings incorporating stand alone systems or systems that can be broken into smaller parts or zones.

Customers need to clearly understand that portable duct cleaning units are not designed to be able to properly clean all homes, their use is limited and most often the most effective cleaning method is a complete cleaning using a truck-mounted vacuum unit. Custom Vac specializes in professional quality duct cleaning with technicians who are familiar with your home's systems and their operation. Technicians will also report deficiencies or problems detected during their servicing. In the HVACR business since 1970, we have the expertise to do the job right and will not compromise our cleaning methods.

For more info read "Should you have the air ducts in your home cleaned?".


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